Animated Letterings Inktober 2020
Personal project
Design + Animation
Do you know Inktober?
Inktober is an art challenge that focuses on improving skills and drawing habits, which happens every October since 2009.
But as a graphic & motion designer, I decided to join this challenge but focusing on improving my design, typography, and animation skills.
It was 31 days of working with letters and animation with the proposed themes of the official Inktober challenge.

Inktober 2020 reel
Every theme, I made some sketches, then I gathered some visual references for inspiration at Pinterest and went back to the sketches. Finally, I made the vector in Adobe Illustrator and animated it in Adobe After Effects.

Each piece was posted at Instragram, so if you want to check sketches and other works, please check my Instragram profile @rkormann.

Thanks for watching!
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