Hi there!
That's me, Rodrigo Kormann.

I work as a motion designer with a background in graphic design.
I design and bring ideas to life through animation and meaningful stories.

I'm open for opportunities and collaboration.
If you're interested about it please, drop me a line at rk@rodrigokormann.com.br

I'm based in a beautiful island called Florianópolis (known as Floripa) in the south of Brazil where I was born.
But more and more grows my desire of being in touch with other cultures out there and I wish to collaborate with you people around the world.

I love to research and enrich my visual library and I can't hold myself when the subject is about the 80s, title design, movies, and stories of all kinds.
Picture of me with the sunlight on my face. In the background there's a blue sky and below the sea.
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