Bem Te Vi
Lettering and Illustration
I wanted to improve my skills in typography, lettering and illustration, so nothing better than do a personal work. I joined a class in Skillshare called "Decorative Letterforms" (Creating a Hand-Drawn Alphabet) Class by Annica Lydenberg to fullfill my needs.
The given brief consisted to take an existing font or type and adapt it to create a unique alphabet. So I came with this idea where I designed this alphabet inspired by a bird that I used to see a few times near my home.

Someday, I was at home and looked throught my window and I saw a bird looking at the mirror of a motorcycle. I didn't care too much about it. But that happened again and again for a few days. So, one day I took my camera and took some pictures of that birdie. Was it thinking that there was a friend in front of it? Was it trying to make a friend?
What I did
I decided to do more than just an alphabet as the challenge was supposed to be. I wanted to play with lettering, a few posters, illustration and a pattern.

The Process
The whole project was basically a mix of two elements: lettering and illustration.
For the illustration, based on my inspiration, beyond the bird, I considered other elements from its universe like nest, egg, leaf, wood. I did some image research for references both for illustration and color scheme, which I wanted to be more nature-related (green, yellow, and brown). After that, I did some sketches on paper and then designed them in Adobe Photoshop and the pattern in Adobe Illustrator.
For the lettering, first I selected some bold typography for reference and then draw all the letters by hand. Later, I scanned the drawings and completed them in Adobe Photoshop.
The final composition of everything w
as done in Adobe Photoshop.

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