Data-Driven Marketing and Sales
RD Station
Direction + Design + Animation
While I was working at RD Station, the leading company in digital marketing in Brazil and South America, the AV team was involved in many materials (rich content) releases. The company believed that spreading knowledge to clients and the marketing community, in general, was the foundation of its success.
We were releasing the ebook called "Data-Driven Marketing and Sales." The main idea of the eBook was about the importance of data in building smart strategies considering the changes over time. We had to deliver a video that could call the attention of our audience with an attractive and related image to the main theme of the material. I came up with the idea of bringing elements of social media in a mix of typography, shapes, and colors animated in a fun and rhythmic soundtrack.

As we were facing a release campaign, we needed to be present on various social media and platforms. So to guarantee quality and the same experience for our audience over different devices and platforms, the layout was built for each one individually. The team had in their hands three layouts: 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16.
Full Credits
Production Company: RD Station
Audiovisual Coordination: Matheus Castilho
Design and Animation: Rodrigo Kormann
Additional Design: Carol Tirloni, Maria Karoline Welter
Voice: Paula Ende
Script: Jonatan de Sousa Rodrigues

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