Mkt Shake
RD Station
Direction + Design + Animation
While I was working at RD Station, the leading company in digital marketing in Brazil and South America, the AV team was creating hero content for our YouTube channel. The company believed that spreading knowledge to clients and the marketing community, in general, was the foundation of its success. Our YouTube channel was part of this strategy, and have quality content was one of our goals.
Together, the AV team came with this idea of creating a series of videos about marketing that would be released in small drops of entertaining animated series. I was in charge of this project, and I came up with the whole concept and I designed the opening title and a pilot episode, which was pitched to the Marketing department leaders. I came with the idea of inviting our audience to take a dip in this refreshing, fun, and tasty world of digital marketing. The promise was that the audience would taste knowledge and have these feelings in each episode.

Naming, art direction
and main titles
First of all, we came up with the name of the show after some brainstorming. The final choice was "MKT Shake" which brings "MKT" for the abbreviation of the word "marketing" and the word "shake" would bring the concept of these drops of knowledge and curiosities that we would bring to our audience. It was a fun part, lots of funny names.
The team knew I liked working with collage and cut-out animation and that time I was doing some experimentation with these techniques. Our show seemed to be the perfect opportunity for experimentation, especially because over time, more people would join the project those techniques had a low learning curve.
The next step I had to create the visual identity for the show: the lettering for the brand and the opening to be shown before each episode. I wanted to be fresh, tasty, fun, and playful. First I did some research and gathered images into a mood board that could show up those meanings, so I could start the first sketches.
I tried some handlettering and after that mixed fluid elements with brush customized typeface and capital sans-serif letters. Some of them were created from scratch and other modified so letters worked together to express one single identity.

Full Credits
Production Company: RD Station
Audiovisual Coordination: Matheus Castilho
Art Direction: Rodrigo Kormann
Animation: Rodrigo Kormann

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