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RD Station
Creative and Animation Direction + Animation
RD Station Marketing is a complete all-in-one tool to manage and automate digital marketing activities. The marketing team of RD Station needed the campaign to prove ROI through performance improvement. So the team came with this idea that the software could automate the marketing process with a few clicks. Start-ups, scale-ups, and other medium and small businesses could spend less time with repetitive tasks and focus on what they love, their businesses.
We came with this concept that using the platform was like having an extra hand without the need of having extra costs but with a human-driven approach.

In the beginning, the team was really small and after some meetings with the client, it all started with sessions of brainstorming and talks about mood boards created by us. Research is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. It's so rewarding gathering different perspectives and mix them all in a new one.
We wanted to build something that could gather live-action scenes with animated graphics that could represent the process of automation of the software.
I was responsible for the animation part where I created the animation style and mechanics, and direction of artists who would join the team to animate all the assets.
In the meanwhile, other artists and video producers joined the team. Live-action scenes were produced on chroma key and editing started to put all things together.

Full Credits
Production Company: RD Station
Direction: Thaís Sprada
Creative Direction: Thaís Sprada, Israel Martins Boschetti, Rodrigo Kormann
Production: Matheus Faisting, Camila Santos
Script: Mateus Souza
Storyboard: Camila Santos
Art Direction: Camila Santos, Thaís Sprada
Cinematography & Color Grading: Lucas Mendonça Fernandes
Design: Israel Martins Boschetti
Animation Direction: Rodrigo Kormann
Animation: Rodrigo Kormann, Nayara Braga
Editing & Sound: Matheus Souza
Model & Voice: Ana Carolina de Miranda e Silva

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