Raise Hands for Conversion
RD Station
Direction + Design + Animation
RD Station Marketing is a complete all-in-one tool to manage and automate digital marketing activities. The marketing team of RD Station needed to show customers and leads that they could improve their growth businesses by attracting qualified visitors to their website.
To create a fun and engaging atmosphere I decided to play with vector illustration and live-action footage in solid color background. That way, this paid campaign would spread its message through drops of fun and catchy approach in YouTube bumpers.

Hero ad
Bumper ads (reel)
First I did a lot of meetings with the client and we were figuring out together what solution would suit better this major problem that was to communicate the software features and grab the audience's attention in just a few seconds.
The client wanted a few videos, one hero at about thirty seconds and more six videos at 5 seconds that would be used as short bumpers at YouTube.
The screenwriter and I talked a lot and based on this I shared with him some sketches so we could together accomplish a viable and interesting solution for the problem.
We would mix live-action scenes filmed at chroma-key and motion graphics to communicate the features of the software.
I gather some visual references in a mood board so they could feel how the final product would be. I chose references with a fun environment where there was an integration of typography, graphics, and live-action. Everything was approved, I started to design the style frames.
For the chromakey scene, a colleague and I volunteered ourselves to be filmed. And about the voice-over, I asked for another colleague to record herself speaking. Then I edited and composed all of those live-action shots, voice-over and motion graphics.

Full Credits
Production Company: RD Station
Audiovisual Coordination: Matheus Castilho
Direction: Rodrigo Kormann
Art Direction: Camila Santos
Production: Camila Santos
Cinematography: Lucas Mendonça Fernandes e Rafael Machado
Editing & Sound: Rodrigo Kormann
Design and Animation: Rodrigo Kormann
Models: Isis Conceição e Rodrigo Kormann
Voice: Paula Ende
Script: Leonardo Bressiani

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