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RD Station
Design + Animation
While I was working at RD Station, the leading company in digital marketing in Brazil and South America, the company was in a rebranding process. The audiovisual team was responsible for creating a series of videos that would spread the message inside the company and to the market as well. The marketing strategy consisted of many actions. One of the videos was intended to show the new identity and the new logos of the brand RD Station.
I was responsible for the video that was shown to the employees via the internet in a streaming event in the middle of the pandemic. The pandemic added layers of challenges on top of all the usual limitations that a virtual rebrand revelation campaign would have over the company's community.

I created a concept to be explored during the creation of the piece and would explain the idea behind of it.

"In an infinite number of possibilities, a group of lines comes up to create something bigger in a moment of transformation which happens slowly and set by a cinematic soundtrack. In a different perspective, the viewer sees first part of the whole which is completely revealed by a vibrant color that takes place. More flashes happen to reveal other logos, one by one."
Rebrand context
I'm not getting deep into the rebranding project itself because it was a complex and a long process done by a third company called Future Brand.
But for a little more context so it is more clear to understand what I did in the opening video where the new identity was presented, here are some important concepts created by Future Brand:

New Positioning
"To empower the heroes and scale-ups who grow the economy."

Brand Idea
New brand
The main brand, which was designed by Future Brand, that I needed to consider to design the reaveling video was the one below.
First attempts
After doing research about visual references and creating a mood board, I started with some experimentation. I tried to play with repetition and transformation to create a dynamic language to attend to this concept of limitless possibilities presented before.
Full Credits
Production Company: RD Station
Rebranding: Future Brand
Audiovisual Coordination: Matheus Castilho
Design and Animation: Rodrigo Kormann
Music: "Entering the Firebreather's Lair" by Hill
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