RD Summer Camp 2020
RD Station
Editing + Design + Animation
While I was working at RD Station, I got this opportunity to make a video to show the community that our company cared about the health and well-being of its employees. They organized a summer camp called “Espaço RD Kids” where their children joined activities for a few days in the company.  So I thought that would be nice to bring values and feelings like love and friendship, and challenge, learning, and fun, as well, to make these moments memorable.
I wanted that mainly the children's parents felt proud of their kids, and the movie could be a source of nice memories of those special days. So I made research on other films with similar contexts and some ads that used handmade art to bring more fun to it. To make them feel nostalgic, I explored a warm look and used some playful and handmake language to the communication.
Full Credits
Production Company: RD Station
Audiovisual Coordination: Matheus Castilho
Direction and Photography: Papaya Filmes
Editing and Color: Rodrigo Kormann
Design and Animation: Rodrigo Kormann
Models: Employee's children
Script: Paula Ende

Music: "Alley Cat", written by Aaron Sprinkle and performed & produced by Soul Shifters
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